Farmhouse Tomatoes, Inc.

"We are growing the tomatoes for taste. All ours have the flavor of a real tomato - the ones everybody remembers!"
 The Palm Beach Post, October 1996

"The fruits of Farmhouse labor: tomato growers cultivate their delicacies without soil." 
  The  Palm Beach Daily, January 1998

"Driving Farmhouse Tomatoes is the demand for hydroponic  vegetables which typically look better and very often taste
  better than their field grown counterparts."   
  The Palm Beach Post, March 1999

"Farmhouse Tomatoes. The Holy Grail of tomatoes!"
 The Produce News, August 1999

" 'Taste the Difference!' These special varieties of family heirloom tomatoes have been selected for their excellent flavor and appearance. They are grown hydroponically in Florida under close supervision in state of the art greenhouses to attain the best flavor." 
  The Produce News, November 2000

"Reaping an heirloom harvest, Farmhouse Tomatoes grower turns ancient varieties to feed niche market."  
 The Palm Beach Post, November 2000

"Farmhouse Tomatoes can be found at area green markets and on the menus of some of the toniest restaurants."   
 The Palm Beach Life, Spring 2004

" Farmhouse received a state award for producing the largest greenhouse grown tomato in Florida since record keeping   
   began in 1989. The Red Brandywine weighed in at a whopping 3.3 lbs."    
  TomatoFest, September 2004 

"Farmhouse has grown greenhouse heirloom tomatoes for the past decade, and their proprietary method for their  
  production insures a 'backyard-grown flavor'"   The Produce News, February 2006

"Walter Ross started Farmhouse Tomatoes, Inc in 1996, he then delved into the history of heirloom tomatoes -
  generations of plants that date to a time when farming families saved the best seeds to plant the next crop." 
  The Palm Beach Daily News, March 2008

" Farmhouse Tomatoes grows heirloom tomatoes hydroponically in greenhouses. They use seed varieties more than 100
   years old and describes the business as a hobby, 'that grew out of hand'."
  Sun Sentinel, January 2009