Farmhouse Tomatoes, Inc.
About us

Farmhouse Tomatoes Inc was established in
1996 and is the "ORIGINAL" hydroponic greenhouse grower of heirloom beefsteak tomatoes.

We grow and ship farm direct from our two hydroponic greenhouse facilities in Palm Beach County, Florida.
Both growing facilities are third party certified for food safety .
We take great pride in our continuing audit scores of "superior" rating.

Our mission; to grow the best tasting tomato on the planet; flavor first! 
We grow only true authentic family heirloom varieties that date back to the 1850's.

Fourteen years of taste testing feedback from customers at local green markets in south Florida have allowed us to focus on the three best beefsteak varieties ever.

These beefsteak heirlooms were cultivated by astute farming families in the Brandywine River region of Pennsylvania during the 1800's.
Legendary for the exceptionally rich full tomato flavor.
The fruit is reddish pink with light, creamy flesh.

This 1890 Tennessee beefsteak heirloom variety originated from the Cherokee Indian Nation.
Known for the deep, rich, smokey, sweet tomato taste.
Slightly ridged green shoulders with a rose-purple appearance throughout.

A golden-red bi color beefsteak heirloom from the Black Forest region of Germany found in the Carolinas.
Outstanding sweet flavor that is low in acid.
The sliced golden tomato reveals a red marbling in the center.

Our greenhouse grown heirloom tomatoes can be found from November 1st through June 30th at your local gourmet produce markets.
Look for each tomato variety labeled Farmhouse Tomatoes, Authentic Family Heirloom, Florida Greenhouse, specific variety name and our own PLU # 4807.

Check the menu and listen for server specials at your local fine dining restaurants in Palm Beach, Miami, New York, Boston, Chicago and Atlanta and we will be there.

"Life is too short and not a rehearsal" so insist on Farmhouse family heirloom tomatoes in your area and pass the word on to those that can bring us to "you".

Thank you for supporting all farmers growing in the United States of America!


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